We are a team of Passionate Software Programmers who deliver well designed, functional and cost effective software solutions



Software Design is not just a phase of SDLC – it is a continuous process of improving various aspects of software application through design. In the initial phases, we design the software architecture which continuously evolves and improves during the development lifetime. In the later phases, we work on the code design and ensure its high quality.



Functional software is the one that makes end user’s life easy. One that delivers a great experience. One that is intuitive. We go an extra mile to understand what users need. There is a fine line between making an application functional and adding extra features to it and make it cluttered and we believe we know how not to cross the line.



Don’t mistake cost effective with inexpensive. Software usually tends to become expensive over a period of time. We make software cost effective by adopting methodologies that minimize your risks. We focus on building code that is easy to maintain and reduces cost of ownership over a period of time.